C. H. Meylan Wristwatch Movement High-Grade Swiss Spare Parts / Repair

Size: 18.75mm X 12.25mm. Winding: Not Sure, Missing Stem. Setting: Not Sure, Missing Stem. Running: Yes, with pressure applied to the center wheel. Comments: Missing dial, hands, stem, hour wheel. This movement is incomplete and may be missing other parts as well – please check the photos carefully. This movement has not been checked for…

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C. H. Meylan Extra-Thin High Grade Swiss Pocket Watch Movement Parts / Repair

The movement is signed, C. MEYLAN BRASSUS 7 SEVEN ADJUSTMENTS 19 NINETEEN JEWELS 24871 – see photos. Dimensions: The movement measures 38.65mm in diameter. It is 2.95mm center thickness the hour wheel is missing and the cannon pinion is broken off. Non-Running Condition : This movement is in running condition. It winds and sets correctly,…

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